Worldwide Ocean Safari & Shark Diving

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This will include photos and videos of the experience, detailed dive trip concierge and a higher chances to see your desire species.

Based in Cabo San Lucas, Alexander Schmidt Márquez has found professional success—and encountered a radical shift in self—through his ocean safari and shark dive business in Baja California Sur. He explains, “I started Scuba Diving when I was 14 years old, capturing the underwater world with a disposable film camera to show my Dad who was unable to Dive due to a broke eardrum, for years I worked in tourism as an Entertainment Manager, which allowed me to travel the globe. Through these experiences, the underwater world of free-diving with ocean creatures and their protection became my passion, and eventually, I knew I wanted to devote my life to creating this same bond for others”

It takes bravery and perseverance to change one’s life in the pursuit of passion. Upon arriving in Cabo San Lucas four years ago, Alex began working in the hotel industry, only to leave after a couple months. After deciding to go all in on his dream of dedicating his life to the ocean, he started a rewarding journey of growth and learning. Today, he is an AIDA 4 Master Freediver (Assistant Instructor Freediver), Rescue Diver and a Federally certified eco-tourism guide for free-diving and scuba diving by Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism. Alex tells us, “Our mission is to get people to fall in love with the ocean, so they can protect it. Connect & Protect”


We count with 5 years of professional experience and service making hundreds of  customers happy from all around the world. 

Customer Feedback

Paula Traveler

Incredible experience, highly recommended if you are looking for a real connection with the sea and all the underwater world!

Mike Traveler

Alex and his team are first rate! They have an unparalleled knowledge of the ecosystem and animals in the Baja waters