Mobula & open ocean safari (la ventana)


Experience the thrill of cruising through the Gulf of California were Jacques Cousteau ended mesmerized by the abundance and diversity of Cetaceans, document sightings underwater and above water of pelagic marine life such as Mobulas, sea lions, Dolphins, and with luck Blue Whales, Orcas, sperm whales and more.

Helping conservation and supporting the locals.

Important Note: In the past our captains were Shark Fishermen and have now fully transitioned to being proud Eco-tourism leaders with all the certifications, come meet them and their unique story!

Price: $220 USD

$60 USD for round trip transportation

What's included?

What’s not included?


Personal photographer

*Important: please keep in mind that finding a wild animal does not guarantee swimming with them. It is our priority to create safe and enjoyable experience for you and for the wild animals. 

All tours are subject to change due to weather.


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