March 31 - April 8, 2025

Socorro Island Liveaboard Solmar V


Join us on an unforgettable liveaboard expedition to the Revillagigedo archipelago from March 31st to April 8th, 2025. Located some 540 kilometers south of Baja California, this stunning dive destination is often referred to as the «Galápagos of Mexico» due to its incredible biodiversity.

During this trip, you will have the opportunity to explore the four islands of Socorro, San Benedicto, and Roca Partida, all of which are of volcanic origin. Dive into crystal clear waters teeming with marine life, including one of the largest aggregations of sharks and manta rays in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for tuna, humpback whales, and five species of sea turtles as you navigate the pristine waters surrounding these remote islands.

Our liveaboard vessel is equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay, including spacious cabins, delicious meals prepared by our onboard chef, and a dedicated dive deck for easy access to the stunning underwater world of the Revillagigedo archipelago.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of the most iconic dive destinations in the world. Book your spot on our liveaboard expedition today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


  • March 31st to April 8th, 2025


6 Days of Diving
(2-4 Dives Per Day)

All meals and snacks

Transfer from Hotel in CSL to Marina

Soft drinks, beer and wine with dinner

Unlimited Nitrox

Port, Fuel, and IVA Fees

8 Nights of Accommodation

Pictures and Videos of the Experience

11L Tanks and Weights

Frequently Asked Questions

The crossing to and from Socorro (The Revillagigedos Islands) from Cabo San
Lucas takes about 22-24 hours, depending on weather conditions. Although
most of the crossings are in fairly calm seas, we are crossing in open ocean
conditions so precaution against motion sickness is advised. We have sometimes
experienced rough seas heading uphill from Socorro to Cabo.

Socorro’s resident marine life are giant mantas, bottlenose dolphins, clarion
angelfish, 10+ shark species like hammerhead sharks, whitetip sharks, silky sharks,
Galapagos sharks and many more. November-December and May-June are
the prime months for whale shark encounters and from December to April our
guests can encounter humpback whales. Additionally, we see some occasional
guests like false killer whales, yellowfin tuna or tiger sharks.

Diving in Socorro is known to be one of the top three big animal destinations of
the world besides Galapagos and Cocos Islands. Our guests will have magical
encounters with pelagic wildlife and additional hard and soft coral can be
found. Roca Partida in the south west area, has one of the few vertical coral
reefs in the Eastern Pacific.

Mexican law forbids people to jump in the water with certain types of
cetaceans, which includes most whales. The Solmar V abides by the Mexican
Government requirements and does everything in our power not to disturb the
wildlife. Sometimes during whale season, as we have guests in the water with
dolphins, a whale nearby can get curious and come to say hello. We are
dealing with wildlife and cannot guarantee an encounter like this, but it does
happen every so often. If you are interested in whales, we highly recommend
adding a Cabo day tour extension to your trip. Our team will happily assist in
setting this up for you.

Absolutely you can join. However not all dive spots are ideal to snorkel.
Whenever the weather and on- site conditions allow it, we will take you
snorkeling. Additionally, our crew can take you on panga rides to enjoy nature.

The water temperatures vary between 74°F (23°C) and 80°F (27°C) throughout
the season.

Socorro Islands Dive Trips are recommended and required for divers with a
minimum of 50 logged dives (National Park Regulations). We require our guests
to be Advanced Open Water certified or Open Water certified with the Deep
Specialty. We offer PADI Deep Adventure Dives for divers not meeting the
certification requirements yet. And as always, it is at the Captain and Crew’s
discretion to reserve the right to refuse any guest to participate in certain dives
that may be beyond the experience level required.

Our guests must be able to do a back roll off the panga and into the water.
Our guests must be able to do their safety stop without the assistance of an
anchor line.
Our guests must feel comfortable with some currents and blue diving without
seeing the bottom of the ocean
Our Guests must be comfortable with experiencing big animal encounters
because the wildlife can be very friendly. Divers have also experienced
bottlenose dolphins swimming close and hovering vertically (they enjoy close
interaction with humans). When close encounters with wildlife happen, the
diver must maintain the presence of mind to continue monitoring their diving
profile. With respect to the wildlife and National Park regulations, touching
animals is prohibited.

Touching the wildlife in Socorro is strictly forbidden. Our dive guides will brief you
accordingly on the boat and if you fail to comply we might deny you from
further diving.

The SOLMAR V has a state-of-the-art titanium Nitrox membrane system installed.
Unlimited Nitrox is included in our trip costs and mandatory from November 2023
onwards. The charge for the PADI Nitrox certification course on board is $250. If
you choose to do the PADI e-learning prior to our trip, please contact our trip
preparation specialist to assist with this and you can then finish the practical
portion on board the Solmar V.





Park and Gas fee included. No hidden fees.

Note: 50% non refundable deposit is required to book your spot

Ask for more information and get our PDF Brochure about this expedition!