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Giovanni Guzman

Giovanni Guzman is a marine biologist with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Geology from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, and a Master of Science from James Cook University, Australia – one of the best schools in the world for marine biology. Having grown-up in Puerto Rico, Giovanni has more than 15 years of underwater experience, gaining knowledge and a deep respect for the ocean. Giovanni has snorkeled, scuba dove, and free dove not only in Puerto Rico, but as well as in some of the best diving spots around the world. Giovanni has plunged into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, the Maldives, Costa Rica, and Mexico. 

Giovanni is an environmentalist, activist, and ocean advocate whose main focus is to help spread the awareness of the ocean. He aims to change many misconceptions people have about marine life, particularly sharks. Giovanni is also a free diver, content creator, and photographer.
Psychologist, Marine Educator, Photographer, Speaker and Naturalist.


Vanessa created her own Marine Education Program which she teaches in schools in Canada. During the summers she works as a Marine Naturalist on the west coast of Canada, mainly with orcas. But also with humpback whales that, like her, live in Mexico and Canada. She has received several acknowledgements for her work in education and marine conservation. She was chosen to be part of «Inspirational Stories» of the Mexican television network TV Azteca, by Alternancia Magazine as part of «Ten people who are changing Mexico». In Canada, she was nominated as a Latina woman in the «Helpful woman» category for her work as a Psychologist and Marine Educator. During the pandemic she wrote, directed and produced her first documentary on orcas, dolphins and belugas entitled “Contrasts”, with the support of renowned photographers and organizations from different parts of the world. This film has won several awards in many international film festivals and has been translated from Spanish to English, Russian, Japanese and currently it is being translated to Chinese.

Pierre Robert de Latour

His scientific background began right after his studies of biology and laboratory analytics. As a proud and active member of GEFMA (belonging to national stranding network), he collected data of stranded dolphin carcasses on the coast of the Landes County. 

In early 1998, he joined ORCA expedition in Norway as an underwater guide and safety diver with the team Orca Norway. During the following 25 years, he has performed more than 7,000 successful underwater interactions and guided more than 1,500 divers in close encounter with orcas in Norway.

 Soon, the design of USEA network came along and he  became an international speaker in 2012, while being published as 3rd author on a behavioral study about Norwegian orcas in the scientific magazine «Scientific Report» belonging to Nature Publishing Group. Also, he became a bestselling author of book » Frère Des Orques» (In the brotherhood of orcas).

 During his underwater encounters, he understood the importance of the sounds produced by the large cetaceans. This fact became obvious over the course of years, that the presence of cetaceans changes the life of those who approach them, and these changes are always towards a better being, an improvement, or mending.

 The hypothesis that cetaceans use sounds for healing themselves became more obvious and it’s actually the basis of new healing process: The Cetosonotherapy.

Cabo Shark Dive

Cabo Shark Dive was founded to protect sharks and pelagic predators by offering safe, close and personal underwater interactions. They believe that educating people is the best way to raise awareness, and what better way to do that than to expose them to the beauty of the underwater world. Shark diving, snorkeling or shark-watching expeditions are fun, exciting and entertaining activities that are also environmentally sustainable.
While on the water, our number one priority is safety; of both you and the sharks. With our extensive background in shark diving, marine biology and the Cabo area, we have a 100% safety record – and plan to keep it that way! We were the first in to bring people to swim and dive with sharks and pelagic fish in Cabo San Lucas, and our entire team strives to provide the best service, in and out of the water.


Maldives Whale Shark Research

The only long-term organization dedicated to study the iconic, yet vulnerable Wilshire species in the Maldives. Our goal is simple: to advance the field of Whale Shark knowledge and advocate for sound conservation policy in the Maldives Dot by encouraging and valuing community and industry stakeholder participation.

We are able to leverage the scientific research to safeguard to reach biodiversity in front of marine Eco systems that are the bases for not only Whale Sharks, also life, livelihood and culture in the Maldives.

The Manta Trust was founded in order to turn the tide for these enigmatic rays, by co-ordinating global research and conservation efforts around manta rays, their relatives, and their habitats.